Saturday Night Share

Sorry for no recipe this week, been a really rough week, sickness and work issues. Never the less though, here’s Saturday Night Share.

Some of my favorites that I had to share with y’all.

To be taken directly to each source or article, click on the bold pink link or the photo.

Another taco mix up that I love: Yall already know, I love tacos, I love asian flavors, I love mexican flavors..Add a crock pot, and I’m a happy woman! This recipe for Pulled Pork Tacos with Sweet Chili Slaw…I’m a happy woman!

pulled pork tacos

My weekly sugar addiction photo and recipe: I can’t help it yall. These people that are like, oh I don’t like sweets. What the heck is wrong with you? We must come from different planets. This recipe though for Biscuit Beignets with Praline Sauce, who wouldn’t like that? A crazy person, that’s who!


Yes, I’m THAT mom: I’m guilty, people think I’m THAT mom, the mom who has dinner on the table every night, clean house and perfect everything. And I realize that sometimes we all put our best foot forward, while kicking the dirty laundry out of sight with our other food. There is a LOT of imperfections behind it all. Right now the bathroom counter has days worth of hair stuck on it with hair spray, the sheets need to be washed, the carpet shampooed, and ya…I just realized I haven’t taken dinner out of the freezer yet. See! But this recipe for Frankenstein Fruit Roll-Ups…I can do these for Kenidee’s party at school…I can do these, doesn’t mean I’ll end up doing it though :)

frankenstein fruit roll-ups

The go-to list of things that need to be in a woman’s closet: I think a have a pretty classic taste in clothes, preppy and simple with a little room for something special. This list of 50 Things Every Woman Must Own is pretty dang spot on.


Heartwarming story: Now I’m sure this will cause some controversy and I’m not trying to. There are issues all over our country and I have my own view point on things just like we all do, but what touched my heart is that a child saw something that made her sad and decided to help in the only way she knew how. While ice cream and sprinkles and snacks aren’t important in the big scheme of things, to kids…they matters. And I love this story.


I hope yall are having a fabulous weekend, we’re having a low key weekend before it gets too busy. We have a tradition of the kids painting on pumpkins, way less mess than craving at this age, and then we let the same pumpkins grow into pumpkins the next year. So we’ll be doing that and enjoying each other.


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